Top 10 Adventure Places In The World

For some reason human beings always find adventure attractive. There are those who don’t lead an adventurous life and therefore need to find some ways of making their lives more exciting. If you have a passion for adventure and can’t live a day without getting away from your daily life to feel energetic then that’s a perfect thing since going through an adventure trip give you the chance to recharge your batteries and feel freshen up. Nevertheless, it is important to say that everybody should go on an adventure travel at least once in their lives in order to know how it feels to live life to its fullest. Let’s see which are the top ten adventure travels that will give you the chance to get away from it all.

10- Norway

Norway is world famous as the land where the Vikings once lived and it is also famous amongst globe-totters because it has so many things to do and see. What appeals to most tourists is the fact that Norway offers spectacular views, historical sites, outdoor activities and entertainment for kinds of people. If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding, you will find that Norway is the place to go on an adventure travel.

9- British Columbia

Canada is the perfect country for tourists who are looking for some thrill and excitement in their lives. There are so many activities to do and places to see that adventure tourists will surely enjoy their adventure travels. If you like outdoor activities, you will find that Canada is paradise because you will have the possibility of climbing mountains, going for long walks in natural trails and even go skiing. If that doesn’t appeal to you, the beach is always a good alternative. British Columbia is the perfect spot for adventure travels.

8- Madagascar

This exotic island is located in the Indian Ocean and in recent years it has seen an increase in its popularity amongst travelers. Since Eco tourism appeared, the island has gone through several changes and now there are lots of outdoor activities based on the water. Tourists get to the island not only to enjoy the diversity of activities on offer but also to explore and make the most of their adventure travels.

7- Switzerland

There’s no doubt that Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations and this all because of the great atmosphere and the variety of activities on offer. If you are keen on adventure, Switzerland will surely have what you are looking for. Tourists find that trekking, rafting, parachuting, bobsledding, and cliff diving are only a few of the extreme activities they can do while they are in their adventure travels. And the great news is that you can go to Switzerland whenever you want!

6- Croatia

The mountains and hills of Croatia are the perfect vacation spot for those looking for outdoor activities. You will be able to explore the hills in adventure tours especially created to give tourists the chance to come into contact with the locals as well as the flourishing culture that is present in every single aspect of Croatian life.

5- South Africa

South Africa has always been a popular tourist destination because of the traditional safaris. However, in recent years that popularity seems to have gone up as travellers from all corners of the world get to the country to experience some adventure travels. South Africa is a lot more than mountains and seas, that’s why adventure travellers find it so attractive. Try to go on a safari to feel the excitement of being in the wilderness or visit one of the many natural reserves if you want your trip to be more special.

4- Peru

There are many reasons why Peru is a paradise for adventure travellers. There are famous landmarks including the Machu Pichu, the Andes mountain range and the Nazca Lines that make it the best option for tourists on the look for excitement. Peru should be on you things-to-do-before-you-die list because it is a heavenly paradise.

3- Mongolia

If you enjoy life on the outdoors and you can do without technology and comfort, then Mongolia is the place to go to for your next adventure travels. This is one of the roughest countries in the world but it will surely allow you to feel like a real adventurer, especially when you ride a horse to cross the grasslands or when you go to the Gobi desert, which is famous for being the most inhospitable place in the world.

2- India

India is a country that is full of contrasts. There are so many different areas and people that it is difficult to imagine that. The landscapes are so varied and extensive that there are areas that are still unspoiled. India has everything tourists want so you can enjoy the ocean waters in the islands or climbing the Himalayas for a really challenging adventure. The most surprising feature of the country is that it is not difficult to lose your way but there are always warm and friendly people to give you a hand. If you really want to experience Indian life a train across the country won’t be enough for you.

1- Australia and New Zealand

It wouldn’t be possible for us to talk about New Zealand and everything it has to offer without including the outback of Australia. Both, New Zealand and Australia, give adventure travellers the chance to make the most of the oceans and mountains. Since Australia is also a continent, you will never get bored in the country since there are countless adventurous activities to get the thrills of your adventure travels.

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