Top 10 Anti Tank Guided Missiles In The World

Seizing a tank can be a lot more difficult than most military think it is. However, and mainly thanks to ATGMs, Anti Tank Guided Missiles, it is now possible to improve the ground combat operations. The remaining question now is, which are the top ten anti tank guided missiles? The answer can’t be a straight one but we have made a list of the most lethal guided missiles that will surely knock down a tank.

10. Nag (India)

The Nag, which is manufactured in India, is one of the most powerful guided missiles available for the armed forces. The Defense and Research Development Organization was the one in charge of creating this special guided missile that guarantees a high level of precision when it comes to top and front military offensives. The good thing about the Nag is you can only see it when it’s launched, just when the booster of the missile gains 90% of its speed. After launching it, the missile has a sustainer that will keep the constant speed of the missile by burning a propellent gas that doesn’t give out smoke.

9. Kornet (Russia)

The Kornet was especially created to control more modern armored vehicles by the KBP Instrument Design Making Bureau, Tula, Russia. The guided missile comes with an integrated thermal sight to discharge during the night as well as in complicated conditions. The Kornet has the capability to attack present-day and more modern armored vehicles that are endowed with explosive reactive shields, ramparts, aggressive forces, slow flying targets, sea-based vehicles and some other objectives.

8. Spike (Israel)

The Spike guided missile is one of the most attractive missiles ever built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli company. The design of the missile was based on the concept of firing, observing and updating so it comes with a simple mechanism that offers medium, long and extended target accuracy for foot soldiers, mobile, flying and sea corps.

7. Brimstone (United Kingdom)

Matra Defense in collaboration with BAE Dynamics created the Brimstone, which is a very powerful, suitable for all weathers, self-governing missile that only gives gunners the chance to attack objectives in the deep areas of the field of battle exceeding the limits of other weapons. The missile has a TSC warhead, which uses a small charge at first that is useful to start up the reactive shield and then a bigger, more powerful charge is released in order to sneak into and destroy the shield.

6. TOW (United States)

Hughes Aircraft Company was in charge of creating the TOW, which stands for Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire command data link. The TOW was created to vanquish bulletproof vehicles and some other objectives including ground ramparts from distances of more than 3,750 metres. The gunner has use a telescopic sight in order to spot a point on the objective to aim the missile, which includes two ATK solid propellent motors.

5. M-47 Dragon (United States)

Raytheon Company was the one in charge of creating the M-47 Dragon, which is a medium distance, shoulder-fired, control, guided missile to destroy tanks. The M-47 Dragon has been created so that only a man carries it and operates it. During trials, the missile had reached a distance of about 1,000 metres and only took 11.2 seconds to hit the objective since it was launched. Something good about this guided missile is that it didn’t have the kickback effect when it was launched. However, as there is a sudden loss of weight in one shoulder of the gunner, it meant that he would recoil what would cause him to lose the objective and that the missile never reaches the target.

4. Javelin (United States)

Texas Instruments was the company in charge of creating the Javelin, which is a state-of-the-art guided missile that includes a lock-on feature to use before launching and an electronic self-guidance option. The Javelin is expelled from the launcher before the most important motor of the rocket catches fire; gunners know this missile as the “soft launch weapon”. The guided missile is made up of a single-use launch tube, a Command Launch Unit that has a trigger device, day and night vision mechanism for reconnaissance, objective and in-built test powers and some other integrated components.

3. Predator (Israel)

Lockheed Martin worked together with the Israel Military Industries to create the Predator, which is a fast, useful and easy-to-use guided missile. As it’s not difficult to use, the gunner only has to aim a target and shoot, just as if he was using a rifle. The Predator is suitable to be used with two kinds of warheads. You can choose to use an HEDP anti shelter warhead and the missile gets the name of Predator-AB, or go for the typical EFP warhead. This missile uses cutting-edge technology since it has a system that allows the gunner to follow the objective for three seconds before launching the missile, which will automatically calculate the speed and direction of the objective.

2. Maverick (United States)

The Maverick is a strategic guided missile launched from the air to attack ground objectives that was created to provide support from the air, interception and protection operations. It gives the military forces deadlock power and a high level of accuracy to destroy different types of objectives such as shields, air protection, vessels, conveyance resources and storing petrol amenities. This is one of the guided missiles that helped the USA destroy the armed forced of Iraq.

1. Hellfire (United States)

In 1974 the US Army was on real need of a missile that would give them the chance to destroy a tank so scientists started to work on the creation of the Hellfire Missile System, which can be launched from a helicopter not a combat plane to attack bombproof combat vehicles. From 2001 to 2007, the American armed forces has used more than 6,000 Hellfire guided missiles in battle because they have discovered that the Hellfire is a very useful, especially in urban regions where they need to lessen the number of casualties amongst ordinary people.

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