Top 10 Cocktails In The World

A cocktail is a beverage that includes one or several drinks mixed together with fruit juice to create fantastic flavours. These kinds of drinks have turned into the pillars of parties these days because they are great for those who are used to drinking alcohol and also for those who are not keen on booze. In recent years, cocktails have gained more popularity because there is a wide range of options and also because the flavors combined with the great visual appeal attract partygoers. Even when the creation of cocktails is a bit complicated, we can say that almost anyone who learns the tricks of the business can prepare refreshing cocktails. Let’s have a look at the top ten most favourite cocktails in the world.

10. Bloody Mary

This is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks. It is an easy drink to prepare because you simply need vodka in three parts, tomato juice in six parts and some spices to make it more interesting. It is common to see that Bloody Marys are made with olives, lemon juice, pepper and sometimes radishes to give them a unique taste. Besides those spices and ingredients, people generally use other things to prepare this famous cocktail and some barmen believe it is one of the most exotic cocktails in the world.

9. Mojito

A classic drink, a mojito is prepared in several ways depending on the country you are in. The most important ingredients to prepare a traditional mojito include white rum, fizzy water, lime juice, crushed mint leaves and a bit of sugar. Nevertheless, there are different ways to prepare it but the original drink, which is Cuban, needs spearmint and not mint. This is one of the best summer beverages in the world because the white rum makes it really refreshing. In the course of years, bartenders have created different variations of the Cuban mojito and there are some called apple mojito, British mojito and a lot others.

8. Tom Collins

This is an easy cocktail not only to make but also to drink but people all over the world love it. It was invented more than one hundred years ago. You need two parts of gin, one of lime juice, fizzy water and sugar. You will need a Collins glass, which is one of the biggest glasses in the cocktail world, to serve it together with a lot of ice.

7. Long Island Tea

This cocktail has nothing to do with any tea you have drunk before. As a matter of fact, it is an alcoholic beverage that results from combining gin, tequila, vodka and rum. It has this name because it has the same appearance as iced tea when in fact it is a combination of four different drinks that is served in a tall glass. It is generally decorated with a lemon slice and you can ask the bartender to prepare it according to your taste.

6. Margarita

This drink is originally from Mexico and it’s one of the easiest cocktails to prepare. People from all over the world like consuming it not only at home but also in bars. This beverage is a combination of a part of Cointreau, lemon juice and one and a half parts of vodka. Then you need to shake it and serve it in a glass full of ice. It is also common to see people preparing Margaritas in a blender to enjoy at parties of all kinds.

5. Daiquiri

This is one of the most popular drinks for summer nights and especially popular in the west. It was first prepared in Cuba and you need one and a half parts of rum combined with one part of lime juice and made sweet with sugar or syrup. It is served in a cocktail glass with ice and decorated with a lime wedge. The cocktail became very popular in the United States during Roosevelt’s presidency.

4. Whiskey Sour

The most important ingredient to prepare this cocktail is whiskey. Some of the most sought-after whiskeys are Bourdon, Irish or Scotch. You need one and a half parts of whiskey and the same amount of fresh lime juice and a spoonful of sugar. The typical acid taste of the drink comes from the use of a sour glass. In some countries it is common to prepare the whiskey sour with egg whites to add it a more acid taste.

3. Cosmopolitan

This is the perfect cocktail for a woman and it is popular amongst females. The beverage can be prepared by mixing two ounces of vodka, one of Cointreau, cranberry juice and a bit of lime juice. It is served in a cocktail glass without ice and decorated with a lemon slice or a lime wedge. It is one of the most famous beverages in the world and you can drink it in every corner of the world.

2. Screwdriver

The first time this cocktail was prepared the bartender used a real screwdriver to stir it and that’s why it got that name. This beverage is not difficult to prepare since you need two parts of orange juice, one part of vodka and a lot of ice. You can find the screwdriver all over the world but there are variations in the amount of vodka and juice they use to prepare it. The choice of glass also varied so you can find some that are bigger than others. However, the decoration of the cocktail is very similar all over the world because bartenders generally add a slice of lemon or orange to make it look better and more enticing.

1. Irish Coffee

This is one of the most typical cocktails you can find in any country of the globe. It is a combination of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, sugar and a topping of whipped cream. It is generally prepared in a coffee cup and it makes the ideal cocktail for chilly days, something that is not very common as the majority of cocktails are prepared with ice and are perfect to drink in hot days.