Top 10 Coldest Countries In The World

Many of us find the winter and snowy weather exciting. But there are countries wherein the cold weather is drastic and is very unbearable. These are countries that have cold and snowy weather during the summer. Below are the top 10 coldest countries in the world.

1. Antarctica


This is dubbed as the coldest continent in Earth. The lowest temperature recorded that ever hit Antarctica is minus 89.2 degrees. Truly, no person can live there due to the extreme temperature, the dryness of the landforms and also the danger that too much precipitation can bring.

2. Russia

The country generally experiences windy weather because on average, it has a very low temperature all throughout the year. In the first few months, the minimum temperature is minus 27 degrees and it can go as high as minus 8 degrees. Even during the summer, the weather is still cold having an average of minus 3 degrees.

3. Canada

Though the regions in the area may have different ranges of temperatures, the country is generally cold. The coldest part may be the Prairie Provinces where temperature can reach to minus 15 degrees during the day and minus 39 degrees at night. The place is also windy, which just worsens the cold weather.

4. United States of America

The coldest place in America is in Alaska where low temperatures would take place for nine months or so. The lowest that the temperature can reach is minus 62.2 degrees. With the addition of strong winds, it is definitely hazardous for people who are exposed in this kind of weather.

5. Greenland

The country has a very low range of temperature. The lowest can be minus 9 degrees and the highest temperature can reach 7 degrees. This happens even during the hot season. The reason for this is that Greenland is covered by a large sheet of ice. This blocks the sunlight and prevents it from reaching the country.

6. Estonia

Estonia may not have an extremely low temperature but it is cold enough to prevent comfortable living. In the country, precipitation may come and go in unexpected periods through out the year that’s why it makes the temperature in the country cold.

7. Finland

During the winter season, you can expect to find the country covered in snow for at least four months. During this period, the temperature can dip until minus 20 degrees. But during the summer period, you can find the weather quite tolerable. In the country, the coldest part is in Lapland due to the strong winds in the area.

8. Kazakhstan

When the country has reached the winter season, you will find it very cold compared with the comfortable warm summer. The coldest part considered in the area is Astana where there is a large amount of rainfall. The winters are so called that most people will suffer from frostbite when outdoors.

9. Iceland

The country lives up to its name since the average temperature is almost always below 0 degrees. The coldest that the country reached is minus 40 degrees.

10. Mongolia 

On an average, the weather can go as low as less than 0 degrees. From April to October, the temperature is just little above the freezing point. January and February can be extremely cold with temperatures going as low as minus 20 degrees. With this temperature, water freezes and a lot of precipitation occurs.

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  • David

    You ust know an american wrote this, Im am from Nunavut, Canada, and I can promise you it is A LOT colder here than in Alaska. Estonia? Norway and Finlad are so much colder than Estonia. With Yakutsk, Russia should be #3 or 4. And Greenland should be number 2 or 3 along with canada. Because a little bit of the USA is a little chilly, doesnt make it #2!

    • Kamal Goyal

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your valuable comment and information. We have made these number on the basis of feedback from different people. We will do more analysis and will see if we can change it accordingly.


    • Anu Saukko

      This guy is right, this list is UTTER BULLSHIT.

      I live in Finland and it reaches -40 every winter. Lowest temperatures was officially -52 and unofficial readings even went to -57.

    • broken87mirror

      I don’t think people are quite understanding that these are averages for the entire country.

  • Adventure Skates

    Adventure skates researched shows that Canada I the second coldest country after russia.

    • rohaan

      you no that canada has a world record of snow it said it be – 90f

  • Solomon

    i wish i lived in one of those cold country! Because here in S.A(mzansi) its hot like hell……& sometimes i fill like i’m melting. Even my eyes are red because of burning…………

    • modgun

      You say that… but try having your power go out in -25 for three days… ha ha ha NOT fun

  • Barry

    antarctica is not even a country.. would you mind going back to your geography class??

  • vvv

    USA colder than Russia and Canada?
    LOL, no. Not even close.

    • Selena

      No… USA is a hot country.. The coldest is Greenland and Antarctica

  • Malevolent

    ALASKA =

    Nunavut =
    Yukon =,_Yukon#Ecology_and_climate
    NWT =

    Russia should follow Canada and since Antarctica is not live-able then it can not be considered. If you decided to put Antarctica due to temperature only then you should have the North and South Poles in there as well JS…

  • Canada is generally cold? Southern Canada can get into the 30s Celcius in the summer. That’s not cold is it? 90% of the population lives within 100 KMs from the US border (warmer), and about 6 months are warm, and the other 6 months can have snow on the ground. Canada is fucking huge, you can’t just say “generally cold”. Canada extends far north and includes the part of the North Pole, so everyone assumes the entire country is like that. It’s not.

    • Although it is true that Canada climbs to plus 40 in the summer, it can also drop to -40 in most places. most of Quebec can drop to the -30 to -35 range. Toronto dropped to -27 this year feeling like -34 with the windchill, where as Winnipeg dropped to -41. In the summer, Toronto climbed to 37 this year where as Winnipeg hit 40. This keeps Canadas average yearly temperature relatively warm at 4.8 degrees celsius. Much colder then America but warmer then Russia or Greenland. So Overall the top 3 should be Greenland, Russia, and Canada. America would rank quite low on this list.

      • The writer probably thinks Canadians live in igloos, too.

    • Jason Micheals

      The lowest recorded temparute in Ontario which is southern Canada, was -58°C. All of Canada gets cold to the extreme. Of course our summers can get hot in the southern yes. But we will always be near the Arctic and will recieve the wind/weather.

  • Russia or perhaps Greenland should be #1 and than Canada should be #2. Whoever wrote this sounds like an uneducated peasant. “The place is also windy too” Canada is a country, Antarctica is a place…I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this

  • JC

    Amreicans will do anything to get themselves highest on a list. Basic fact = parts of USA never see snow in the winter. ALL OF CANADA sees snow in the winter and negative temperatures. Right now it is -37 with the wind chill in MONTREAL, whats the weather like in Texas city? The temperature is a good summer day in Montreal, +24. USA is not higher than Canada on this list, and that’s not a bad thing.

    • Brian G

      I missed where it said average temperature. They were discussing Alaska, which has had temperatures as low as -80 Fahrenheit.

    • broken87mirror

      What are you talking about? Lots of states see snow unless you are in the very south. If we want to see snow we can go very quickly to another state with snow, but most of us don’t like the idea of freezing all the time. It even snows as far south as Georgia and parts of Texas which is a state by the way not a city

  • Keinelust

    This list makes no sense,

    I love all the comments! USA colder then Canada and Russia?? Hahaha
    I`m Another person from Montreal and -30 or -40 here is like normal?
    in the winter … Please learn some f-ing facts first calisse

    • anna froude

      ya im from NewfoundLand so i know what your talkin about, this person clearly knows nothing about what they posted

      • Brian G

        If you read what the article said it was referring to Alaska. You can disagree with the way they listed it. Clearly if you mean average then it’s wrong, but if you mean has the coldest parts then it’s reasonable since there have been recorded temperatures nearing -80 degrees farenheit.

        • Hi Guys,

          I have started voting system to correct this. Please vote and help us to put the right figures


  • Muzammil

    hey What about the norway

  • Casimir

    USA ans Estonia shouldn’t be that high on the list

  • hakan

    doesnt sound like it right north norway speacialy Janmayen Svalbard is -50 on winter and there is no summer there white summer or white winter

  • Altanshagai Shagai

    wTf??? Mongolian coldest record was a Minus 58 degrees…

    • Hi Guys,

      I have started voting system to correct this. Please vote and help us to put the right figures



  • anna froude

    Are u fucking kidding me U.S.A colder then Finland,Russia, and Canada!!… dude get your facts right, then again it was probably an american that made this so what can you expect.

    • Hi Anna,

      List has been refined on the basis of feedback received

  • Hi Guys,

    We have started voting system to correct this. Please vote and help us to put the right figures



  • Rob

    Antarctica is not a country.

  • Paulina

    Greenland is not a country, it belongs to Denmark, and it would be the coldest country. Russia, btw, is not that cold in summer. Antartica is not a country either.

    • I am better Than you

      Wrong! Usually in the areas where people live it does not get below -10 in winter. Russia and Alaska are much colder.

  • ForzaMilan800

    Why is USA even on the list? Both Sweden where i am from and Norway are ALOT colder than anywhere in the united states.. We got the same winters as Finland does here in Sweden so why arent Norway and Sweden on instead of USA? Usa always wants to be top on every list.. pathetic!!

    • fvb

      I live in Minnesota and it is barely colder than alaska. I have a friend who lives in Finland and there were barely any days that they actually had colder weather than us during the winter. There are places in the United States that get colder than there. Our coldest temperature this past wither was -40°F with winds that were 50-60Mph. The windchill was about -60°F.

  • me

    so you guys really think Antarctica is a country?

  • Pioro

    Antarctica – not a country. Greenland – not (yet) a country. USA average temperature is much higher. Terrible list.

  • Gustaf Sjögren

    Antartica and Greenland are not countries, I’d change the title to “Coldest Places on Earth”. That way you can change US to Alaska and remove Estonia so you can add Svalbard (Norway).

  • umaima

    As much as i have studied UNITED KINGDOM is the fifth most coldest country

    • modgun

      I am from Canada but I lived in England for a while and I found it felt colder than Canada. I mean “felt.” I know that Canada’s temperatures reach lows that the UK’s never have and hopefully (for their sake) never will! But I mean the damp cold in England and the cool spring and cool summers made me feel colder generally than I do in Canada. In Canada, our summers are really hot, so it sort of makes up for the winter. At least for me.

  • modgun

    “Though the regions in the area may have different ranges of temperatures, the country is generally cold.” That’s very misleading. Yes, in the northern-most parts of the northern territories of Canada it is generally cold. But in most of Canada we have something which is known as “summer.” In fact, in the southermost parts of Canada, which is where the vast majority of people live, our summer weather is usually about 25-30 degrees. In fact, most July’s we have a heatwave in Southern Ontario and the Prairies where the temperatures go over 30 and sometimes hit the 40s with the humidex. So to say we are generally cold is not exactly accurate. We have VERY cold winters. But we are a country of extremes (except in Vancouver, whose climate is what might be described as mild, like London’s in the UK).

    • No way, man, it doesn’t get warm in Canada, or else our igloos would melt! :O lol

  • rohaan

    In Canada it could be -50 but its not in a cold place

  • rohaan

    BY the way Canada and america are having the world records snow i love Canada and the weather

  • ;D

    WOW! So Antartica – Please! That’s Just Bad! I mean it says COUNTRIES not PLACES! Get yo’ facts right!

  • ;D

    Antartica’s a Country now! Huhh!

  • Guest

    Are you kidding? Russia is the most coldest country, that’ a generally known fact.

  • Matthew

    Are you kidding? Russia is the most coldest country, that’s a generally known fact.

  • Linda

    Haha, I live in the north of Sweden and our winters are, first of all, about 6 months long and the temperature lies between -25 to -35 degrees here for a long time. Why arent’t we even on the list!?

  • motsim

    As Antarctica is a continent not a country, I would say Canada the coldest in this list.

  • abdiwali

    i think norway is also cold enough the the norway have one of the coldest regions in the world and it is near to the end of the world it is name is finmark near to russia and finland

  • Antartica and Greenland are not countries, I’d change the title to “Coldest Places on Earth”.

    • broken87mirror

      Greenland is a country genius

  • Arun Bengali Hindu

    Greenland colder than Siberia and Siberia is colder than Canada.

  • Mack Piper

    Country/place whatever grabbing from the list I pick Greenland. America can’t compare due to places like Texas, Florida etc. If there are hot region within the country/place I dismiss it.

  • mr. anonmys

    Antarctica is not a cuntry

  • how come its -14 in central/south sweden, (the some what WARM part of sweden) and -4 in “Barrow Alaska” , Supposably the coldest city in america? this is today.. (6th of january)..
    The coldest city in sweden today is about -30 or -40 degrees celsius.. “Barrow” is -4 !!! This is patheticly warm, i remember seeing americans in thick jackets and hats.. you guys could go T-shirting around there for fuck sake. – And on the subject of this list.. its a pretty retarded list… Estonia? its in central europe fuck sake guys…. its like england… a warm fucking country