Top 10 Conspiracy Theories Of The World

There are a lot of unexplained and mysterious phenomena that already exist in this world. Some of them are evens that we are accustomed with and do not give too much thought. But what if, these events are said not to be natural but rather as a conspired trick or illusion? Listed below is the top ten list of these kinds of events, also known as conspiracy theories.

10. Global warming

This has been rampant in our community and has contributed to the most serious problem in the world. However, according to the documentary The Greenhouse Company by Channel Four of UK, global warming is just conceived by idealists who want to earn billions of dollars and also with the plan to start the one-world government.

9. Theory that peak oil theory is a fraud

It was once believed that the earth is running out of oil, so we need to find another source of oil other than what we have been used to. But this theory states that the world has enough oil and there are a lot that can be harvested. However, oil companies are not utilizing this oil so that the illusion of scarcity can be maintained.

8. AIDS is a man made disease

People say that this disease came from malnutrition or as a laboratory accident. In some cases, it was also philosophized that it came from God. It has been a long period that the cause of this disease has been argued and debated. But according to Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, AIDS is not a natural disease but rather a biological weapon with the purpose to annihilate the black race. Known scientists have investigated this theory and have reasons to consider this theory reasonable.

7. Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was a prominent personality in history and was murdered on April 4, 1968. After his death, controversies have risen that talk about the cause of his death. It is said that the assassination of Martin Luther is planned by the dominant military agencies like CIA, FBI and the army.

6. Death of Princess Diana

There have been theories that the death of the famed Princess Diana is the plan of the royal family itself with the help of British intelligence, MI6. In the investigation of her death, no visible evidences have been found to nail the government. It was believed that agents of MI6 are present in the crime scene to ruin the evidences and alter security means like the traffic camera so that the government would not be pointed at.

5. Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The famous president was killed on a Friday, November 22, 1963, with a bullet while he was in a motorcade. There have been theories that the assassination of Kennedy is just a stepping stone for a bigger plot. The Mafia, Cubans, the KGB and even the United States government are said to be behind the murder.

4. Apollo Moon Landing

People who are mainly involved in tackling this issue are the Russians, when they have realized that it is very much impossible that an American flag can flag in the moon since there is no air or wind in outer space. Neil Armstrong was one of the astronauts assigned for the moon landing and he was famous in his quote, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” But for those who do not believe in his expedition along with two more astronauts, this is just a firs rate Hollywood show.

3. Christianity

This is perhaps one of the widest religions in the world. However, it has been said that the bible is not true and it is just written to hide a holy truth. The theory states that the story of Jesus is not true or original and it is not original or non-historical, according to “The Fabrication of Christian Myth”. The bible, according to the theory, is just a patched up story of different sources and knowledge because there is no visible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth has existed in history.

2. 9/11 Attacks

There are anonymous persons telling a different story about the 9/11 attacks. According to them, the Twin Towers were not brought down by planes but rather by bombs. It is said that the bombing was an inside job and was pioneered by CIA. This conspiracy theory is an example of “False Flag Terrorism”, wherein a government posts an attack to its own countrymen and put the blame to others for the attack.

1. New World Order

This conspiracy theory has existed for decades and is still existing in the present times. The theory has the goal to create a “One World Government”, with the top political leaders, the richest people in the world and the top persons in the corporate world, dominating the world. There are still issues regarding this theory, like the universal monetary currency to be used.

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