Top 10 Hackers of the World

Many hackers believe that what they do is similar to having sexual relations and this is because they sneak in and out with the hopes that they didn’t leave something that can be tracked down to them. Let’s see who the top ten hackers of the world are.

10- Jonathan James

Jonathan James is better known as comrade and he was the first teenager to be held captive for computer hacking when he was only sixteen years old. When he was accused of hacking several websites he said that he was actually having a look and fooling around and that what he found really interesting was the challenge to see what he could do.

9- Dmirty Sklyarov

Dmirty Sklyarov was an average student of cryptanalysis doing research who had a part-time job in a software manufacturing company. He was imprisoned after creating a program that gives users the chance to manipulate the copyright acts pact of the worldwide famous file reader software Adobe.

8- Onel de Guzman

Onel de Guzman, whose father was a fisherman, was able to create a computer program that went from one American coast to the other in only twenty-fours hours. His program had the capability o damage computers in government offices from all over the world and even the Pentagon and the CIA suffered from his attack. People got an email with the subject “I LOVE YOU: A love letter for you” that included an attached document called LOVE-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs. When people clicked on it, a virus entered their computers and that was the end of it.

7- Mark Abene

Most people wouldn’t know who Mark Abene because he is more famous for his nickname Phiber Optik. He was the one who created the Master of Deception group. He had a passion for creating computer programs and he was always trying to learn new things, which made him access controversial sites. He is world famous because he is the ultimate computer hacking acts in the world.

6- Timothy Lloyd

Timothy Lloyd used to work in an IT services company but he lost his job. This is when he decided to introduce a logic bomb into the company’s code. The bomb went off twenty days after he was made redundant and it deleted all the different running programs. It was a major disaster and the company lost more than ten million dollars.

5- Gary McKinnon

As stated by the United States, Gary McKinnon is the most important military cyberpunk in the world. He thrashed the safety systems of both NASA and the Pentagon, which made him very popular amongst other fellow hackers. He was sent to jail for seventy years and he won’t be able to use the Internet for the rest of his life.

4- Kevin Poulsen (Dark Dante)

Most computer hackers had known him as the Hannibal Lecter of cyber crime. He became famous after swindling a radio station and winning two Porsches, twenty thousand dollars and two Hawaiian holidays. Nowadays, he works as an editorial director the company Security Focus but he will always be in the memories of hackers and common people for having cause so much financial and security damages.

3- Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris is the only inventor of worms. However, nowadays he is a professor of computer science at the MIT and he was able to get a Ph. D from Harvard University. He is famous for being a supporter of technocracy.

2- Vladimir Levin

He was a high-profile cyberpunk back in the days. He graduated from St. Petersburg Teknologichesky University and was able to hack Citibank from New York and send more than ten million dollars to several of his accounts not only in the United States but also in Europe and in Israel. A real computer hacker.

1- Kevin David Mitnick

Kevin David Mitnick is the best hacker in the world. He started with his minor cyber crimes when he was twelve years old. The first thing he did was hack the Los Angeles Bus system in order to get free bus tickets. After that he continued his hacking career by damaging the FBI, DEC, IBM, Motorola, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Siemens. He was sent to prison for five years and eight months and when he was freed he decided to set up Mitnick Security, which is a safety consultancy company that offers its services for multinational firms.

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