Top 10 Inventions Have Changed Our Life

We have been through several technological creations as the years go by. Even when each new creation is important for human life, there have been only a few that have changed our lives. Let’s see the list of top ten inventions that changed our lives; you might be surprised.

10. Internet

Every time that we reflect on the Internet, we get that incomparable sensation of the delight of our daily lives, the way we keep in touch with family and friends, how we share news, finish assignments and sometimes make a living. How popular and accessible the Internet is has been the most influential aspects of how people communicate and starts to use new methods to be more productive.

9. Atom Bomb

Just when we identify the undeniable potential of nuclear power, we are able to foretell that this creation has some good and some bad aspects. The negative aspect of nuclear power is that it destroys the environment and the atmosphere, which is not any better as it’s too devastating. However, nuclear power and the atom bomb in particular guarantees that super powers have a peaceful relationship because they are certain that a conflict with traditional weapons would inevitably lead to nuclear destruction.

8. Transistor

It seems that the transistor was one of the best technological creations of the 20th century. Imagine that if we didn’t have transistors, digital economy wouldn’t exist either and neither Microsoft nor Google would have turned into the massive companies they are today. Some people believe that if transistors didn’t exist, our servers would be three floors high and notebooks would still be some cutting-edge technology in science fiction films. Imagine that our TV sets would still require vacuum tubes to work.

7. Wireless Telegraphy

This modern way of communicating has actually modified and revolutionized our lives. Most people can’t think of their daily lives without having a wireless gadget. As a matter of fact, people use these kinds of devices so much that they can hardly identify those gadgets as wireless. In the end, who would have thought that we were going to be in touch with someone on the other side of the world while having a coffee without having to spent money?

6. Flying Machine

When the flying machine was invented it transformed the way in which people travelled because it made it a lot more pleasant. These machines gave people the chance to travel over different countries of the world. Dealing with an urgent situation is a lot easier since the invention of flying machines. There were a series of important events including the invention of jet planes, the first man on the moon and space tourism that contributed to being closer to the sky.

5. Light bulb

This particular invention revolutionized life for human beings by bringing light to dark nights and allowing us to take part in several different activities. Electric light, one of the daily amenities that has the most important impact on our lives, developed as a chance to partake in business and recreational activities during the dark hours of the day. People suddenly started producing more and this was noted in the economy that grew thanks to extra working hours.

4. Haber’s process for production of ammonia

The process for the production of ammonia is, without doubt, one of the most significant technological creations of the 21st century. The process created by Haber and Bosch facilitates the inexpensive mass production of ammonia by using nitrogen and hydrogen. Nowadays, this process is mostly used in the production of over 500 million tons of synthetic manure annually, which means that about 1% of the energy of the world is used for the process and provide for 40% of the world’s population.

3. Steam Engine

In the constant quest for finding different sources of energy, the creation of the steam engine transformed life as we knew it. When the steam engine appeared it was the most pivotal creation of the industrial revolution. It’s not possible to think about present day industry without considering the major influence the steam engine had on it.

2. Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar was a Godsend invention for human beings. It first appeared in 1582 and the system chose a completely different cycle than what the Julian calendar did. It was a certain development of the calendar that had been in use before the Gregorian appeared. With the new system, a cycle is made up of four years with an added day or as we know it as “leap” to the fourth year in order to keep synchronicity of dates and months with the solar rotation.

1. Wheel

This is the most ancient and significant creation for human life. If we didn’t have the wheel, life on earth wouldn’t have been what it is now. The creation of the wheel was one of the events that led to the Industrial Revolution even when it took quit some time to arrive. The wheel had a major impact on the economy, technology and industry of the world.