Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

There are several surveys in the field of politics that state that there are certain countries that are a lot more powerful than others. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

1- The United States of America

United States of America

The USA has the biggest and most flourishing economy at present and at the same time it has one of the most powerful armies together with a solid democratic system. According to the surveys the USA is a superpower and the fourth state is really influential too. The country has been able to remain strong since it won the independence war and it’s not going to change in the near future. The USA is in charge of controlling international relations and it also belongs to several important agencies.

2- Russian Federation

Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is the second most important country in the list because it has a strong army and also because it is in charge of controlling several areas in Central Asia. The country has a huge population and an even bigger territory. All of these things combine give the country the possibility to be free and to avoid certain international forces to intervene in the country’s political, financial and economic problems. Thanks to the size of its territory, the Russian Federation will surely turn into a superpower in the near future.

3- Peoples Republic of China


The People’s Republic of China is believed to have a GNP so high that it deserves the fourth position in an international level. In the last couple of years the country has been able to gain more authority with countries such as France and Britain. The country has the necessary resources to turn into the most powerful country on earth.

4- France


The country is a member of the Security Council of the United Nations and it’s believed to be a very powerful country. There’s no denying that France is a nuclear power and that it governs several nations from Africa. France has an important army that is very useful to keep order. It’s so important that it is a member of the G7 and also a member of the EU.

5- Britain

United Kingdom

The country is a member of the Security Council of the United Nations. Apart from that, it has really powerful weapons and the democratic system is one of the most solid in the world. Since it is a member of the G7 and it is an important country in different field including music, movies and the press, the country has the ability to influence others in the arena of international politics.

6- Japan


Japan has an immense economy and it is also a very important country with a strong democratic system. It is one of the countries with bigger populations on earth but as there’s a lot of competition we have to include it after the United States, France, Britain and China.

7- Republic of India

IndiaIndia has a very important number of inhabitants and a strong democratic system that gets its power from the comprehensive constitution of the country. It’s surprising to see how fast the economy is developing and also the fact that the country is building increasingly more powerful weapons.

8- Federal Republic of Germany

GermanyGermany has a very strong economy and there’s no doubt why it belongs to the countries that are member of the EU. Nevertheless, its participation in World War I and II set back the influence it could have on a global level.

9- Republic of Pakistan

PakistanSomething to mention about Pakistan is that it has one of the biggest Muslim populations in the world and that it has very strong nuclear weapons. The country is united but it has a huge amount of money on military undemocratic rules, which means that it is certainly turning into a powerful country. Apart from that, even when it does have enough resources, the countless wars with India have weakened the country. As a result, if it has the ability to restock its supplies and balance its political life, it will surely have the ability to be a lot more important in an international level.

10- Republic of Brazil


The Republic of Brazil is a very big country that is also a Latin-American country. According to several surveys, Brazil had the biggest population of Portuguese speaking people on earth. Apart from that, the Brazilian fourth state is really solid and the relations of Brazil with other countries in the world are quite safe as well.