Top 10 Restaurants In The World

Going out for a meal is not as important for everyone but there are lots of people who really enjoy it. If you want to have the best meal without having to spend a fortune then it’s time to see which are the best restaurants to go to. The choice of restaurants is so diverse nowadays that it can be difficult to make the right decision. And restaurant owners know what guests are looking for so they provide amazing menus that include modern and traditional dishes with a twist. Let’s have a look at the best restaurants to go to.

10. Per Se:

The great variety of versatile menus the Per Se restaurant has make it the perfect place to enjoy an out-of-this-world dinner. Most of the dishes are a combination of American and French cuisine and the 9-course menu includes lots of American delicacies that are worth trying. The great food and relaxed environment make guests feel at home and this is exactly what Thomas Keller. The owner and head chef of the restaurant wanted to offer.

9. Arzak:

Juan Mari Arzak, the owner of the restaurant, decided to name the picturesque restaurant located in San Sebastian after himself. The restaurant has some state-of-the-art dishes that seem to be simple but that provide an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Critics from all over the world have awarded the restaurant several times and it has been part of the best restaurants in the world since it first opened in 1989.

8. Daniel:

The restaurant is located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York and it is run by Daniel Boulud. The restaurant as well as the bar have a great variety of meals and drinks on offer. It is also known by food critics who claim to have had the most exotic combinations only in that restaurant. There are options of everybody and there is even a special menu for vegetarians.

7. Alinea:

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Alinea restaurant is no stranger to food critics from all over the world. The owner and head chef of the restaurant, Grant Achatz, opened it in 2005 and since then it has earned a good name when it comes to simple yet delicious dishes. There are dishes especially created to provide guests with a unique dining experience.

6. Osteria Francescana:

Italians know what food is all about and the Osteria Francescana restaurant is the living proof of such statement. The design of the restaurant comes the inspiration of modern art and so does the food that seems to be a piece of work in itself. Massimo Bottura, the head chef of the restaurant, is a very creative man who wants to give guests visually appealing and tasty food.

5. Mugaritz:

Spain seems to be full of amazing restaurants and this is the case of the Mugaritz that is part of the list of best restaurants in the world. The menu is not really big and includes only sixteen dishes that create the most refined taste that is hard to find in any other restaurant in the globe.

4. El Celler de Can Roca:

El Celler de Can Roca is located in Gerona, Spain and was first opened for business in 1989 by three brothers who have a passion for cooking. The restaurant was once awarded three Michelin stars. The restaurant gives guests the chance to try wines from the five continents and this seems to be the theme they have chosen. Even after so many years, the three brothers still manage the restaurant, which is a family business.

3. The Fat Duck:

The Fat Duck is located in the small town of Berkshire in England and is world famous for the unique and special dishes they serve. Food critics and gourmets from around the world know that the restaurant has a menu that is out of the ordinary. The head chef of the restaurant, Heston Blumenthal, is an expert in creating amazing dishes and is really proud to have got the best critic reviews.

2. El Bulli:

This Spanish restaurant located in Catalonia in the tow of Roses is world famous for its revolutionary dishes. It first opened for business in 1961 and ever since then it has been a very high-class restaurant. The groundbreaking dishes have given El Bulli the chance to be part of the list of best restaurant in the world for several times. Ferran Adria, the head chef of the restaurant, has written lots of books that have helped others understand his way of working and also create similar restaurants around the world.

1. Noma:

The name of this restaurant is the resulting mix of two Nordic words that have the meaning of Nordic Food. If you go to Copenhagen you will find Noma, which offers dishes fit for a king. The restaurant has a menu that offers Nordic gourmet food that has survived the toughest food critics in the area. Since it opened in 2004, the restaurant has changed a lot but it continues to be one of the best restaurants to go to.