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World Top 10 Unknown And Surprising Facts 2024

World Top 10 Unknown And Surprising Facts: Many strange things are happening in our world every day. Some of these events are known to us and most of them remain unknown to us. With such unknown, strange, mysterious, thrilling, and interesting information, The Earth Bangla has brought you an unknown information repository that will surprise you and enrich the scope of knowledge. Let’s know what the first part of the world’s unknown information is for you in the first episode of Amazing Fact.

World Top 10 Unknown And Surprising Facts

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Surprising Fact 1

When we hear about Australia, we think of kangaroo pictures or Australian cricket teams. However many people do not know that there are about 12,000 beaches in Australia. If you visited one beach every day, it would take you at least 32 years to see them all.

Surprising Fact 2

Beer is one of the most popular alcohols in the world. Although beer is known as alcohol all over the world, the strange truth is that beer was not considered alcohol in Russia until 2011. They thought beer was a common soft drink like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and 7-Up.

Surprising Fact 3

Who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer? But you will be surprised to know that, like humans, lions also eat ice cream. Ice cream is made from blood. When it gets too hot, the zoo authorities feed the lion ice cubes that keep the lion’s body temperature down slightly.

Surprising Facts 4

Some of the well-known names of the world’s richest people are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg. The current assets of all of them are $ 100 billion, which is more than 8 lakh 58 thousand 381 crore Bangladeshi taka. The amount of money that the top 100 people in the world earn each year can end all poverty in the world four times.

Surprising Fact 5

Suppose you bought bird meat with a lot of hobbies, but the locals told you, that if you want to eat this bird’s meat, you have to learn to eat stones. Although you do not usually hear such strange words anywhere, you will hear them in the mouths of the people of the New Guinea Islands.

Because in that region you will find the world’s hardest meat bird called Cassowary. The meat of the cassowary bird is so hard that people in New Guinea say that when cooking the meat of this bird, a piece of stone should be given with it, only when the stone is fit to eat, its meat can be eaten.

Surprising Facts 6

It is said that there are 7 people of the same face in the world, but there is no logical basis for this information. Two people with the same appearance without a hereditary relationship are called Doppelganger. In 2015, two almost identical unidentified men met on a plane in the UK, which surprised their fellow passengers.

Interestingly, after reaching the destination, they coincidentally stayed in the same hotel. But what is even more strange is that one of them goes to a local pub at night and finds his twin sitting there by coincidence!

Surprising Fact 7

There are very few people who have not seen the show Man vs. Wild. Starting in 2006 and ending in 2011, the show’s 7 seasons shot 73 episodes, where the show’s host Bear Grylls went on an adventure with ordinary people and celebrities. Today, the show is watched by about 1.2 billion people out of a population of 8 billion worldwide.

Surprising Facts 8

About 700,000 people die every year in road accidents worldwide. And in the case of animals, this death toll is about 200 million! Local farmers in Scotland came up with a fascinating idea in the wake of the rising number of animal deaths in road accidents. They decided to paint their sheep brightly, which surprisingly reduced animal mortality there!

Surprising Facts 9

Mary Grams, a Canadian woman, lost one of her diamond rings while weeding her family farm in 2004. She kept it a secret from her husband for more than a decade. In 2017, while plucking carrots from the field, his daughter-in-law suddenly saw a ring stuck to the carrot’s body. The carrot had pierced straight through the ring. For many years, the ring went under the ground while lying in the dust and dirt.

Mary did not tell her husband about the loss of the ring but did tell her son. When the daughter-in-law told her husband after getting the ring, she realized that it was her mother’s lost diamond ring.

Surprising Facts 10

It is difficult to find people who do not know the name of the scientist Sir Isaac Newton, but how much do we know about the person Newton? As a human being, he was very angry. His father died three months before he was born. Interestingly, Sir Isaac Newton’s father’s name was Isaac Newton. When Newton was only 3 years old, his mother remarried, which the younger Newton could never accept. His relationship with his mother was not good and he hated his stepfather very much. Newton was so angry with them that he threatened to burn his mother and stepfather alive with the house at the age of 19!

So this was the first episode of The Amazing Facts Bangla series of The Earth Bangla. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments which information surprised you the most today. Very soon we will appear in front of you with the second part of this series. Stay with us to know such strange and unknown information about the world.


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